Friedhelm Wentland, founder of the Brotherhelp for Africa:

„When I was ten years old I had a vision. I saw me in Africa in the middle of a church without a roof. I heard a voice, saying: "One day you will serve me in Africa.“ From this day on I felt a longing for Africa sometimes more and sometimes less. When it came to my career choice, I asked Jesus in prayer: „What is your will for my life?“ The first question I asked my wife before our wedding was if she was willing to move to Africa with me.

It took a number of years until we moved to Africa on July 26th, 1984. My wife Rosi, and I packed up our stuff, stored everything in a container and shipped it to Africa. From then on I worked for „Christ For All Nations“ (CFAN) as a technician - first as head of the workshop, later in the preparation-team for evangelistic crusades in many states of Africa.

The Brotherhelp was founded in 1988: I got a clear call from God and we began to support the first pastor and the completion of a church. Shortly afterwards we could send the first young man to a bibleschool.

We now helped to complete over 200 churches and handle them over to their purpose. Many young people who have completed a bibleschool with success are now serving as pastors in a church.“

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